What Do You Need To Start Making Resin Crafts

- Aug 11, 2019-

 What do you need to start making resin crafts

    That depends on the type of resin “crafts” you have in mind. Do you want to make deep casts in molds or to saturate fiberglass cloth to make helmets and other “hard but lightweight items”? If so you want polyester resin and you’ll need epoxy resin or other things to make the surface that cured next to the air not sticky, or you’ll need a tweaked epoxy resin like Easy Cast that won’t be quite as hard for deep casts.

    If you want to make shallow casts, or coat things with resin, you’ll want an epoxy resin or a UV-curing resin (and will need a UV lamp for UV-curing resin).

    And you’ll need molds made from certain materials if you want to use either type in molds. And you’d need colorants if you want to use those, and/or things to embed or mix into the resins if you want to do those things. You’d also need certain kinds of containers and stirring sticks for mixing up the resins.