Take You Through Christmas Eve In Different Countries

- Apr 09, 2019-

December 25 of the Gregorian calendar is the day Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, called "Christmas". Christmas is a popular holiday in Europe and the United States, and it also has great influence in the world. It is not only a grand festival for devout believers, but also a big celebration for every family gathering, giving each other Christmas crafts, toys and other gifts to celebrate the festival. In different countries, they all have their own Christmas characteristics.


America: The country itself is made up of many peoples, so the situation of Americans celebrating Christmas is the most complicated. During the Christmas season, Americans hang many Christmas crafts, wreaths and other fancy decorations outside their doors. Immigrants from different countries still follow the customs of their motherland.

Germany: Every family that believes in Jesus will have a Christmas tree, which first appeared in Germany. Christmas has a lot of emphasis on Christmas cake, but also a lot of styles. During the festival, relatives and friends will give each other gifts.

Italy: On Christmas Eve, families get together for a big meal, and at midnight they attend Christmas Mass. Then there are visits to relatives and friends. Only children and the elderly will receive Christmas crafts, toys, gifts and other gifts. At Christmas, children write poems or compositions to thank their parents for the upbringing they received during the year. After having a big meal, I will take out my composition and read it aloud to you.

Sweden: Swedes are very hospitable, especially during Christmas. Every family, rich or poor, welcomes friends. Even strangers who don't know each other, they can eat the food on the table.