Resin Crafts Production

- Oct 18, 2019-

Resin crafts production

(1) mold production.

Mold production including a variety of people, animals, plants, rockery water and so on a variety of decorations and the appearance of exotic modeling products mold design.

When making mould, we should learn to choose suitable parameters and materials according to the product model and size, and the correct use of silica gel.

(2) surface treatment: 

resin crafts have different shapes. The white blank should be polished and then colored. The new technology can easily make products with clear lines and smooth surface, no need to polish, save time and effort, and greatly save production cost.

(3) spray paint color: 

archaize old production, rockery water color, and a lot of spray paint is the need for more than one process, only the first time paint dry to do the second third time......

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