Promotional Gifts Related Recommendations

- Jan 24, 2019-

1. To make a promotion, you must first choose a promotional gift. The requirement for choosing a good promotional gift is that the target audience likes it. The new exotic product meets the target audience's curiosity and has practical value. If you take it back, you will not lose it.

2. It can bring convenience to the life or family of the target audience, and it is helpful for the storage or consumption of the company's products, but the price is cheap, and it is necessary to satisfy the rare and expensive, and further intensify the purchasing psychology of the target audience.

3. Currently, food companies, beverage companies and other fast-moving consumer goods companies do promotions, you can choose food stewardship products for promotion, there are four reasons:

a. The novelty product is a new and unique product that has been awarded a patent certificate by the National Patent Office. Currently, there is no market.

b. The target audience likes to buy food and drinks. The condiment people store a series of foods in their homes. Your food will be returned to the target audience, so you will send one or several food butlers to your target audience. Help him to manage the food and drink he buys, eat it during the shelf life, and make your food safe to drink every time, so it is suitable. You gave it to him, he will never lose it, because he can help him manage the food. Every time he opens and goes, he sees the food steward that your company gave him, so he builds customer loyalty.

c. The price is cheap, suitable for promotion, although the food steward is a patented product, but the price is very cheap, as long as more than one dollar can be ordered to buy. Let a patented product give you a promotion, as a value-added gift to return to your target audience, and better increase the value of your company's products.

d. Nowadays, promotional gifts or value-added gifts on the market are very common, and there is no patented product. Therefore, these promotional gifts can be processed everywhere and can be bought everywhere, which can not satisfy the Chinese people's curiosity. Therefore, promotional gifts or value-added gifts are becoming less and less important, and more and more attention is paid to price wars. The price war has become the object of death, so that the profits of enterprises are getting lower and lower, and the investment is getting bigger and bigger.