Four Questions That Must Be Considered For The Survival And Development Of A Company

- May 27, 2019-

First: human resources, the most important play

    Form the consciousness of being a team and build the ability to shape the team.

The company should establish a set of scientific talent management system, including talent reserve, pre-job training, performance appraisal, job promotion and other aspects should be followed by rules.

Second: financial management

    Establish and improve their own financial management system, whether it is monthly sales, profit and loss, assets and liabilities should be reflected in detail.

This is how you know where you need to reduce operating costs and turn a profit

Third:responsibility authority division of labor, imperative

    Build a marketing team with excellent quality.

    How should the person that crosses a job, body holds a few duty to wait to should examine again comprehensive form is institutionalized.In marketing management, and the upstream manufacturers of the cooperation link should also be carefully considered

Fourth: reasonable planning, step by step for "win"

    According to their own management ability to think whether the bigger the market will be more profitable.To find ways to make their main products, regions, networks do fine, do fine, do strong, their internal management do fine, do fine, do deep.