Foreign Festival Brings Prosperity To The Domestic Market Of Christmas Crafts

- Apr 14, 2019-


Red-green Wood Christmas Tree Ornaments

    Christmas was originally a festival in Western countries, but now this "foreign festival" is also very popular in China. Most of the Christmas crafts originally produced in China are sold abroad. In recent years, the demand for Christmas crafts in major cities in China is also increasing year by year.


Christmas Styled Wood Hanging Light Decoration

    On Christmas Eve, whether you walk in the street or in the mall, you can feel the strong atmosphere of the festival. In Beijing, almost all the trees will be covered with colorful lanterns and ribbons; all kinds of buildings will have Christmas stickers; in the square, there will be a Christmas tree full of colorful lights, colorful ribbons, different Christmas crafts, an angel or a star on the top; on the counter of the shop, there will be Christmas trees and Santa Claus.


Wood Tiered Snowflake Desktop Christmas Tree

    Although many people in China do not know the religious meaning of Christmas, many people celebrate Christmas in various ways. Many people exchange Christmas gifts, hold parties or go to movies. Therefore, Christmas crafts are also very popular in the domestic market, "foreign festival" has boosted the domestic market.