Christmas tree production method

- Nov 17, 2019-

China-base shows the Christmas tree production method:

    Materials: waste paper, old carton, scissors, hot melt glue gun, glue, marker, gummed 

    1. Take a large electrical appliance box (refrigerator, washing machine box), unpack it, draw the outline of a tree on it with a marker, and cut it out with scissors.

    2. Glue four pieces of cardboard into a three-dimensional Christmas tree.

    3, prepare a smaller square box, cut off the lid, four sides of the box with scissors cut down about 3cm, then the last step of the cardboard Christmas tree four pieces of cardboard are stuck in the square box side cutting mouth.

    4. Cut colorful advertising paper, old magazines and posters into pieces. Stick the pieces of paper on the Christmas tree with glue until the original background color of cardboard is completely covered.

    5. Follow these steps to cut the remaining pieces of colored paper into wavy stripes and attach them to each branch of the tree.

    6, finally, with a variety of small ornaments to dress up, a beautiful Christmas tree was born.