Colour Matching For Christmas

- Apr 23, 2019-

Colour Matching for Christmas

Westerners take red, green and white as Christmas colors. When Christmas comes, every household will decorate with Christmas colors. There are Christmas flowers and candles in red. The green one is the Christmas tree. It is the main decoration of Christmas. It is decorated with evergreen trees, such as fir and cypress, which are tower-shaped. It was hung with colorful lights, gifts and paper flowers, and lit with Christmas candles. It's Santa Claus, the most popular figure in Christmas activities, who is interesting in contrast to red and white. In addition to the three Christmas colors, gold, silver, white and yellow have gradually developed into the common colors of Christmas decoration. These colours have four points of attention in collocation.

Red and green symbolize festivity.


Gold, a symbol of fashion.

The low-key and luxurious flavor is reflected in the golden color and rose pattern. And decorative Christmas tree ornaments, pendants are mainly gold-plated, golden sparkle for the home added a bright new color.


White and silver symbolize purity.


Yellow, a symbol of warmth.

The flickering Christmas candlelight, the flashing decorative lights, the decorative Christmas tree, etc. All these colorful Christmas decorations can make you feel more happy and happy when you are reunited with your family and friends.