Christmas Trends Part Two

- May 09, 2019-

    An attractive hue is made attractive by its basic gloss.Elegant dark tones blend with bold, intense colors.Kind-hearted metallic hues with bright sheen and perfect color gradation create a magical color melting pot.


    The shiny surface of the material produced a dramatic effect.Sequins, sparkly rhinestones, metallic and 

filigree jacquard effects, supergloss finishes, shimmering feathers and velvets are the focal points of the theme, while crystalline stone structures, marbling and metallic iridescent glass objects in bronze and gold are eye-catching.These luxurious material combinations form the basis for avant-garde displays and festive decorations.


    It's a style where you almost want to taste the colors one by one.Evergreen tree, gingerbread, peach, nougat, chocolate, strawberry smoothie, rum, black currant and coconut create a classic red-green 

Christmas recipe that enhances the Christmas effect.