Christmas Trends Part Three

- May 07, 2019-

    Inspiration and diversity are characteristics of the materials used for this theme.Artistic ornaments, such as vases and candlesticks, made of white, colored, transparent, frosted, thousand - flower glass, etc.They are combined with weaving and imaginative works of paper art.The patterns are imaginative and lovely, with a colorful mix of handwriting and drawings, filled with cheerful, innocent patterns and traditional objects in striking and unconventional designs.


    The collision of nature and modernity with reality, this sensual, emotional theme brings beautiful 

landscapes and natural simplicity to home and holiday decor.

    This group of harmonious, guileless chromatogram reflected the close connection with nature, calm, 

dinkum neuter attune and powerful tonal and matcha green collocation.Matte, rough and raw surfaces accentuate this natural, raw color palette and understated, restrained look.


    Dry, brittle and damaged surfaces, cracked structures and aged elements convey a close attention to 

nature and simplicity.The emotional, creative and experimental handling of materials, as well as the rustic craftsmanship, can catch people's eyes.The delicate table decorations in the festival are delicate and delicate, which is also suitable for the happy moments in daily life.