Christmas Trends Part One

- May 04, 2019-

Calm and quiet.

    The stars are the inspiration for this poetic modern fairy tale, with its elaborate and simple holiday decorations, unusual irregular shapes and captivating finishes giving the theme a special look.


    Overall tone from light pink to neutral colors, pure colors and cold gold lamps are varied.Highlights, backlights, transparency, hazy hues and blurry edges emit pastel tones.Natural tones, on the other hand, come from materials such as stone, mother-of-pearl and paper.


    Overall modelling - modern, clean and sleek, constitute the little one of the main features of the real 

world, su style, exquisite glass can highlight the soft embossing, mirror and double mirror effect, and through the super smooth surface of the high gloss and matte finish, stone appearance, crease, fold and fold structure, and the interaction of high quality natural paper, create a kind of magic.


Glamorous and unique

    A party full of glitz, futuristic music, glittery looks and dazzling Christmas fashion themes.Bright colors and impressive finishes play an important role in this totally stunning style.