Chinese Christmas Crafts Are Popular In European And American Christmas Markets

- May 16, 2019-

Chinese Christmas crafts are popular in European and American Christmas markets

    China now accounts for a large share of the world's Christmas merchandise.Not a few manufacturers that are engaged in the exit of ball of velvet handicraft involve the production of Christmas handicraft and exit, the personage inside course of study points out: the Christmas handicraft that nowadays home produces with its fine and inexpensive characteristic and fashionable euramerican market.


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    Europe and the United States on the importance of Christmas is not less than our Spring Festival, but also the western countries in a year the most grand festival, the advent of the holiday, every family will buy Christmas trees, and above the decoration of a variety of gifts to celebrate the holiday."Made in China" Christmas crafts now account for a large share of the world's Christmas crafts market.Seven out of every 10 Christmas gifts and decorations currently sold in Mexico come from China, according to the federation of Mexican gift and ornament manufacturers.Chinese Christmas crafts are very popular in Mexico, mainly because of the low prices and fashionable styles of Chinese tea farmers, said the owner of a shop specializing in Christmas crafts in southern Mexico City.