China-base Taizhou Foreign Trade Introduce Simple Wood Grain Production Technology For You

- Sep 09, 2019-

China-base Taizhou Foreign trade introduce simple wood grain production technology for you

    Under the circumstances that the requirements are not too high, the following methods are commonly used to make wood grain by hand:

1. Spray or brush a layer of polyester paint on the surface of decorative material substrate as a primer to form a base color layer;

2. Add water into the milky glue and stir it evenly to make milky glue solution;

3. Add color essence into the milky white glue solution, stir it evenly, and make the mixture liquid A;

4. Dip A brush or sponge into the mixture A and rub evenly on the surface of the bottom color layer to form an intermediate color layer.

5. Spray or brush transparent polyester topcoat to finalize the design and form the surface coating after the imitation wood pattern is dried.