A Brief Introduction To The Five-pointed Star Lamp

- Jan 17, 2019-

LED point light source is also called LED magic light, LED pixel light, marquee. Using ultra-high brightness imported chip as light source, built-in micro-computer chip, can be programmed and controlled, multiple synchronous changes, ultra-low power, long life, color red, green, yellow, blue, purple, blue, white, etc. Color change can also achieve synchronous seven-color gradient, jump, scan, water and other full-color changes and multiple point light sources to form a dot matrix screen, changing a variety of pictures, text and animation effects. LED point light source is a new type of energy-saving and environmental protection decorative lamp. It is a supplement to linear light source and floodlighting. It has beautiful appearance and can meet the design requirements of the dotted line surface of the building and other decorative objects. It has good waterproof performance, convenient control and installation.