Why is the top of the Christmas tree only hanging five-pointed stars instead of something else?

- Feb 13, 2019-

That star is called the star of Bethlehem. Christmas is to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. The place where Jesus Christ was born before 2009 was in the Jewish city of Bethlehem. A period of time before the birth of Jesus, an unusually bright star appeared in the sky, as predicted in the Bible, "There is a star out of Jacob. There is a rod out of Israel." This is the birth of the king of Israel. symbols of. The three doctors (sages) of the East saw the star from afar and rushed to Israel from the east to worship him. This star has been instructing people to find the direction in which Jesus was born. At Christmas, there is a song called Christmas Eve. It says "When in the dark, Guanghuasheng" refers to this star. Not only did the doctor indicate that the shepherd in the wilderness had found the newborn baby. By the way, the origin of Christmas gifts is also due to the fact that the three doctors presented their first gift: representing the noble gold, representing the sacred frankincense and the myrrh that represents Christ's future sacrifice (a spice, often used in funerals) ).