No fairs,no Christmas!

- Feb 22, 2019-

    It's the best way bto experience winter holidays by visiting Christmas fairs,where you can buy last minute gifts —— hot chocolate,hot wine,biscuits and candy.This centuries-old European tradition has developed into a part of the world in North America and others.Meanwhile,  Christmas fairs  are not only  for people and children to entertain,but also places that Santa Claus  will appear .From Austria to Canada,people choose unique festival gifts at these Christmas  fairs.

(1)Strasbourg  France:

    Strasbourg has more than a dozen Christmas markets, but christkindelsmarik is the biggest.Hundreds of craftsmen sell traditional festival gifts and handicrafts around Strasbourg  Cathedral.It was first held in  1570 and is the oldest fair in Europe.And it has become a great  fair for tasting local dishes and seasonal foods becaude  it is  close to Germany and Switzerland,such as  Spaetzle and grittibaenz sp bread ,authentic French fish balls ,wine and desserts.


(2)Nuremberg Germany

    Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg is one of the most famous holiday markets in the world.The holiday market history can restrospect to the mid-16th century and it is also one of the oldest markets.


(3)Copenhagen Denmark

    The Christmas fair in Copenhagen is held in the Tivoli Garden. The whole Christmas fair is like a  fairyland of vision and hearing.Christmas village offers souvenirs,handcrafts and local delicacies such as aebleskiter or Danish pancakes and glogg,Tivoli Garden restaurant and winter recreation facilities to attract many visitors.


(4)Barcelona Spain

    Barcelona's largest Christmas market specializes in traditional commodities such as Christmas trees,artisans' articles , books and statues.Like most European Christmas fairs,there are traditional Christmas foods and drinks,such as hot wine and sausages and Spanish food.


(5)Toronto, Canada

    Toronto's Christmas market is a blend of the old world and the new world,as well as a garden of Ferris wheel,beer and hot wine.Dozen of stalls sell wool hats,alpaca shawls,maple syrup and other Christmas commodities.Here children can visit Santa's home ,Rudolph's reindeer zoo and the forest maze in fair tales.


(6)Vienna Austria

    Vienna's Christmas market has become a palace for all kinds of Christmas goods,Christmas wreaths, tin toys, handmade Christmas decorations and sausages, pancakes, apple desserts. Fair foods such as long bread and grostl fried potatoes with cheese, hot chocolate and hot wine are very popular.


(7)Tallinn Estonia

    Every year the Christmas market is in Rotermann Square.Buckwheat pillows, wooden bowls, felt hats and other handicraft products are sold in more than 40 stalls.Sausages, pickles, almond sugar and essential wines, as well as Santa Claus with elves, graffiti and Scrabble are the highlights of the whole market.