We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New DIY

- Mar 18, 2019-

Floral LED Lights

Christmas décor is all about lights, lights and some more lights. LED lights are all the hype these days, so here is a chic idea for your wall décor that won’t only light it up but also add a touch of elegance to it.


Things You Need:

1. Cardboard Egg Trays

2. LED Lights

3. Scissors

4. Paint

5. Paintbrush

6. Lights

7. Glue (optional)

How To:


Source: Paula Stephânia

Start by marking the corners of the egg tray, where you will cut it later.


Source: Paula Stephânia

Next, you will cut it at the edges, a bit farther than the point marked as it might rip a bit while cutting and we do not want to lose any of the flowers because hey! Flowers are precious. And then round the corners to achieve mini flowers like these. You will need to have lots of these flowers so make sure to save at least 10 such egg trays for the DIY.


Source: Paula Stephânia

Next, you will paint the flowers and leave them to dry overnight. If you can’t wait for them to dry on their own, you can blow dry them and speed things up.


Source: Paula Stephânia

Once dried, you have to traverse the LED bulbs from the hole in between our flowers and VOILA! Your very own Floral LED lights are ready.

Now you can hang your very own LED lights wherever you want; on the sitting room’s wall, as your Christmas tree ornaments or be as creative as you want. For more décor ideas check our pumpkin craft DIY and indulge your kids in the process too.

Tip: Choose neutral colour paints, like the one in the pictures. They go great with all interiors so you don’t have to remove the lights once Christmas is over.

Happy Lighting!

Merry Christmas!