The world's only arctic provincial capital is the home to Santa Claus

- Mar 27, 2019-


 Rovaniemi, Finland

 There is a Santa Claus village hidden in the city.

 So when Christmas comes, there is no place like the warm   atmosphere here. After all, this Festival grows up with many   people. At the same time, it also attracts many tourists both   at home and abroad, who have made great efforts to come   here in order to experience the most pure atmosphere on   Christmas Day. 



The village is not very large and there is probably not enough room for alll tourists to enjoy themselves.

So,the relevant cardres decided to put Christmas forward for a  month until the real Christmas comes.



 Some activities:

 Firstly, fishing competition.

 Secondly,the gold rush competition.

 Thirdly,pay 200 RMB and take photos with the representative   Santa.


There is also a landmark building called the Knife Museum. Here you can see all kinds of fine carved knives. Also can buy a lot of pure natural jewelry, exquisite workmanship. And there are many places in the museum that reflect traditional culture, which is very memorable.



The city also has a large number of farms dedicated to reindeer. Visitors are allowed to visit. Here you can look closely at reindeer and learn about their lives. And if you have the chance, you can also experience how to control the sleigh pulled by deer, and also be equipped with special personnel to teach you how to control the sleigh pulled by deer. Many people say that this feeling is as interesting as the usual driving test. If you have time or ability in the future, you must come here and have a good experience.