Suggestions on safe use of Christmas supplies

- Dec 07, 2019-

Suggestions on safe use of Christmas supplies:

(1) place the tree away from the fire and near a fire extinguisher or water source.

(2) pay attention to the fire labels when buying artificial Christmas trees.

(3) keep lighted candles away from combustible objects such as trees, decorations, curtains, and furniture.

(4) place lighted candles out of the reach of children and pets and keep them in sight.

(5) inspect the damaged condition of old and new decorative lamps and discard the lamps with broken or damaged socket, worn or exposed wires and loose connectors.

(6) only buy lamps that have a safety test laboratory label.

(7) decorations with removable small price components should be placed out of reach of young children.

(8) do not give parts like food or candy to children to prevent them from swallowing.

(9) pay attention to the parts with sharp points and edges.

(10) the use of Christmas color spray to stay away from the "open fire", a strong pungent smell of color spray should be selected as far as possible in the outdoor easy to diffuse the environment used. Christmas color spray, ribbon try not to spray people, especially eyes, in case of being sprayed to the skin, to clean in time.