Notes for storage of wooden crafts

- Mar 30, 2019-

    Wooden handicraft is very popular at present, whether it is small to a simple pen container, or large to a level of respect for the Buddha, as long as it is made of wood, can be favored by collectors.

However, it is not as long as the wooden crafts can be bought home can be at ease to splurge, wooden crafts are also need everyone's love, not to say as long as the purchase can be placed at will vandalize, if you do not pay attention to the words will reduce the life of wooden crafts, in fact, this is also a matter of attention.


Cannot insolate below sunshine

insolate word can let the moisture content that wooden handicraft itself contains evaporate quickly, such word can make oneself handicraft becomes drier, want to keep handicraft wet, otherwise very easy let this kind of wooden handicraft produce crack, look very uncomfortable.



keep the wooden crafts away from the stove or open fire and other fire sources.

As we all know, the melting point of wood materials is still very, very low, and it must not be placed next to the dry or open fire, otherwise it is easy to be ignited.



    Can not put wooden crafts in a humid environment

   wooden crafts are alive, too humid environment can make the    crafts inside the biological reproduction, or a lot of bacteria growth, so it is easy to lead to wood moldy.

    If we pay attention to the above points when placing wooden crafts, I believe that your crafts will have a long life, no matter how long, can still be bright as new.