How To Decorate Your Room On The Occasion Of Christmas(Part Ⅱ)

- Mar 29, 2019-

6、Bells -the bell is to inform the birth of Christianity, from heaven, the joy of the bell meaning, also some people will use the bell to make people can return to god's side not lost meaning, at the same time the bell also has the meaning of driving away evil spirits.So you can put bells on Christmas trees.


Christmas Decoration Hollow Out Snowflakes Bells 


Christmas Decoration Hollow Out Snowflakes Bells 


7、Candle-candles are the symbol of God and used to pray God and are holy which brings prosperity.. Decorating your room on Christmas with candles will make darkness less and give a glance to your room.


Christmas Candlestick


Story Tower With Candles

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8Snowflakes - snowflakes are the most common decorations on Christmas trees. You can imagine a green Christmas tree with lots of white snowflakes.You can also buy large snowflakes to hang on the roof, and get a view of the snow outside.


Christmas pendants


Christmas pendants

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9Puppets: the tree can be decorated with small dolls, such as Santa Claus shape, or the shape of elk muppets, in the gorgeous Christmas tree hung in such a beautiful puppets, I believe children will love.

wool-felt-desktop-wooden-furnishings34428646838 (1)

Christmas wood felt decorations

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