How To Decorate Your Room On The Occasion Of Christmas(Part Ⅰ)

- Mar 20, 2019-

Some ways for you to decorate your Christmas:

 1. Advent stars -In mythology, this star represents the star of Bethlehem.And it can light up houses and make them full of Christmas atmosphere.


 2. Christmas wreath - There are many ways to make Christmas wreath.And their sizes and  material can vary according to different needs.Absolutely creates an exquisite point of view.

Hanging this wreath on Christmas Eve will protect your children from evil spirits in the New Year.


 3. Fairy lights -

Bright and cool.From palm trees to sidewalks, from roofs to floors, Christmas lights are everywhere, lighting up people's hearts with hope.


 4. Ribbons - You can make candle holders with these colourful ribbons. You can also make some colourful ribbon tabletop trees and can make X marks to decorate your cabinet doors or your Windows. You can even make stars using ribbons on your walls.
 5. Candy Canes - There is a story behind using these candy canes. People decorate their Christmas trees with candy canes from centuries. Traditionally candy cane is white with red strips and flavoured with peppermint, but today there is a huge variety of other flavours and colours available in the market, you can pick any. You can just hang them on the sides of the windows or the Christmas trees.


    You can diy these decorations and design your own Christmas scene to make your room more attractive and festive