Future trends in Christmas crafts

- Apr 14, 2019-

Christmas is a festival for foreigners. The market of Christmas crafts is mainly abroad. Seven out of ten Christmas crafts come from China, whether in the United States, Germany or Mexico. New raw materials and crafts will become the development trend of Christmas crafts industry in the future.


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New raw materials Christmas crafts refer to the crafts processed by special crafts from some insignificant small things, such as magic beans, dog's teeth, walnuts and other raw materials. Crafts made from these new raw materials are very popular, and are deeply loved by European and American merchants. Raw material paper is a practical and durable trend. Christmas crafts made of wood are exquisite in appearance and full in texture. In addition, jewelry boxes, candy boxes and fruit baskets can also be made. Christmas crafts in new product development can also be based on the original pursuit of detailed changes, such as shape or collocation, or can also refer to other industries, get new inspiration.


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