Description of the features of heavy packing cartons

- Oct 24, 2019-

Description of the features of heavy packing cartons

    1. Good environmental protection of all paper, using environmental protection glue, can be 100% recovery, export fumigation free of inspection;

    2. High strength and thorough wood, strength and wood can be compared, can be useful to maintain the goods;

    3. Good cushioning, the cushioning performance is improved 2-8 times than the wooden box and corrugated box; Appearance of waterproof treatment also has a good waterproof function.

    4. Weight light than the weight of wood for 1/5, the cost of shipping fees fell significantly, significant economic benefits;

    5. Because of the fast customs clearance, all paper packaging can be exempted from customs inspection, which greatly improves the delivery speed of goods, and also reduces the related expenses.

    6. You can print pictures and words because you can print pictures and words, you can add a lot of color to the product;

    7. Fast because it is ready for delivery, it is easy to use and can usefully cut down on storage space and other expenses.

    8. Suitable for placing fragile, easily broken, easily deformable fine components, heavy goods, etc., can be connected with the paper tray production, so more useful to avoid the displacement of goods, more easy to load containers.