Depth and breadth of operations that enable rapid product growth

- Apr 22, 2019-

User operation -- customer service ability (deep promotion and operation)

The best tool for deep operation of customers. From the initial stage when a product is launched and target users are selected, we need to define precise user groups.You can get your users through zhihu, tieba, douban, tianya and other interest groups.

Content operation -- copywriting ability (both depth and breadth)

When your public account accumulated a number of seed users, your content will attract more users attention, and the continuous quality of content sharing, is to firmly grasp the user in hand.After each content push, some depth users share your content in the circle of friends, we have the opportunity to extend the breadth, the value of user promotion is immeasurable.Through the circle of friends, we can also get some new users.Then continue to do depth through the content of the user, and then let those users to share.Content from the depth of the user, in the breadth of the development of new users, and then use depth to seize new users, this is a virtuous circle.Good content operation, this is the king of WeChat operation!