Craft laser cut please accept this custom Christmas decoration

- Apr 17, 2019-

    Craft laser cutter: please accept this custom Christmas decoration

    Christmas decoration need not panic, crafts laser cutting machine to help you! The colorful and dreamy Christmas is coming to us at full speed. Every business circle, restaurant, shop and so on are all trying to decorate so that you can not refuse it! 

    Laser technology is indispensable in the decoration that makes people happy physically and mentally. Laser cutting Christmas decoration, so that your decoration more standard!

Wooden decoration



    With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, Christmas trees have gradually shifted 

from real trees to plastic trees, but less of the smell of real wood, so it is appropriate to hang laser-cut wooden ornaments.As a result of handicraft laser cutting machine and numerical control system union, after drawing on the software, the high-energy laser beam can according to the design drawing cut the pattern or the character which needs, the romantic blessing language chic snowflake, the family name, the fairy tale in the water drop...