Christmas window with Christmas decorations

- Feb 06, 2019-

The Christmas window is a beautiful scenery in Melbourne. Every year before Christmas, the window designer of the store will be full of brains, and the theme of this Christmas will be fully developed, and it will never coincide with the style of previous years. A place where you are willing to bring your children. The mellow voice of Christmas grandfather tells the thrilling experience, the story is still the story, but the combination of sound, light and electricity is more vivid and interesting. Arriving in the queue is an unwritten rule in the Maya window. The railings are crowded with people passing by, and the railings are visited in an orderly manner. Each window has a few minutes of interpretation. The bottom left corner of each window is a scrolling screen, and the story told in the stereo speaker can be displayed here. Scan the QR code and download it.