Christmas must have gifts-Practical type

- Apr 03, 2019-

    Christmas is a festival full of expectations.Are you ready for Christmas presents?Maybe most of you don't know how to choose and choose what.Now Let us enjoy some essential Christmas gifts as follows:


1 music box


This Laser Cut Music Town Christmas Tabletop Decoration has a soft light and nice music.You can incorporate your Christmas wishes into this music box for your friends to feel.


2 candy box

This is a favorite Christmas gift for Western children. Starting from December 1, children can take out a small gift from the corresponding date drawer in the box every day. It can be chocolate, candy and so on. When 24 drawers are opened, it means Christmas is coming. 

Candy store for children.


3 retro wooden box

When Christmas comes, you may receive a variety of small gifts, this box is a good choice for you. For one thing ,Children can put their gifts in this box and it also means their memories of this Chistmas are be treasured.

For another,it's Suitable for magazines, books, CDs and clothing.

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