Christmas customs-----Part One

- May 06, 2019-

Christmas customs

    Christmas PARTY: 

    Christmas essential program, have family type, friend type, lover type all kinds of song kind PARTY.A good time for friendship, affection and love parties.Wearing a Christmas hat, singing Christmas songs, say everyone's Christmas wishes.


    Christmas dinner: 

    Christmas as a grand celebration of the holiday, can not be less delicious delicious food.The Christmas Turkey dinner is the example of the main course, in the past, people may use the microwave oven to make their own, now people spend a lot of holidays in the restaurant, businesses will also take advantage of the opportunity to make money from customers, of course, there are many Christmas food, gingerbread, candy and so on.

    Christmas hat:

    It is a red hat, it is said that in addition to sleeping peacefully and a little warm at night, you will also find a little more gifts from your beloved people in the hat the next day.In carnival night it is the protagonist of the game, whether you go to that corner, will see all kinds of red hats, some hat tip shiny, some glittering gold.


    Christmas socks: 

    the earliest is a pair of red socks, most can, because Christmas socks is to be used to pack gifts, children's favorite things, at night they will hang their socks on the bed, waiting for the next morning to receive gifts.What if someone delivers a car for Christmas?Then you'd better ask him to write a check and put it in his sock.