Christmas customs around the world

- Mar 15, 2019-

American Christmas food tradition:

 Christmas dinner has a special food -- baked polenta, with a layer of cream, and put some fruit, sweet and delicious, do not have a taste.

British Christmas food customs: 

happy to drink beer, but also like to travel to other places

Spanish Christmas food customs: almond soup, seafood, marzipan

Australia Christmas: 

in Australia, the traditional meal celebration Christmas Turkey dinner, pork, ham, wine and so on.Christmas plum pudding is a famous Christmas dessert.

Christmas in Denmark:

 when the Christmas meal begins, people must eat an almond pudding before they can eat anything else.

Sweden: at Christmas, the swedes are very hospitable, every family regardless of rich or poor welcome friends visit, even strangers can come in to eat.They set all kinds of food on the table for everyone to choose.

Switzerland: the country's Santa Claus in white robes, wearing a mask.They were often dressed up by the poor and gathered in large groups to beg from the rich for food and gifts.

Chile: must have a "monkey tail" cold drink

Ireland;On Christmas Eve, families place a candle or light on the window frame to welcome the baby.

Germany: beer or white wine, sweet, sour, dairy and lettuce.