Christmas Culture

- Apr 07, 2019-

From Religion to Globality

From the initial religious festival, it has developed into a global festival. The religious meaning of Christmas gradually blends with the cultural traditions of all parts of the world. Some have evolved on the basis of religious culture and become more colorful Christmas religious culture. Some are gradually secularized, commercialized, and even politicized.

As far as Christmas trees are concerned, there is no Christmas tree in Greek tradition, but this does not mean that there can be or need not be Christmas trees. The United States has a tradition of placing Christmas trees. Many children in Western countries are told from an early age that Santa Claus enters the house from the chimney and quietly puts gifts in socks at the head of a good child's bed. Once children's academic performance drops, they are often warned by parents or teachers that they may not get Santa Claus gifts. A teacher in Upper State, New York, told students in class at the end of last month that "there is no Santa Claus in the world", adding that the gifts under the Christmas tree were put there by their parents, and they were forced to apologize for causing parental controversy.


From Single to Diversified

The gradual fading of religious mystery at Christmas is related to both scientific development and commodity economy. Under the market economy, Christmas can be packaged in various profitable forms. Businessmen use a variety of promotional means to attract consumers to buy goods. Christmas not only gives people more reasons for holiday consumption, but also adds more holiday gossip - consumer culture.

The multi-orientation of Christmas culture makes the world more splendid.