Christmas crafts

- May 13, 2019-

   Christmas crafts

    Since Christmas is known to us, it is the second most important holiday after the Spring Festival.What's more, Christmas, like the Spring Festival, has many dainties. Among them, Christmas crafts are indispensable holiday necessities, such as Christmas tree, Christmas hat, Christmas socks, Santa Claus and his elk.

    Christmas tree is one of the most famous Christmas crafts in Christmas. People usually put an evergreen pine tree in their yard or house on Christmas Eve, and decorate it with Christmas lights or other colorful decorations. Don't forget to put a star or an angel on the top.We can also keep the pattern of the Christmas tree, another way to show the charm of Christmas,just as follows.


Simulated Rockery Lighting Christmas Decoration

    The Christmas hat is as important as the Christmas tree and Christmas stockings.A Santa hat is a red hat that must be worn by Santa Claus. It is said that on the second day of Christmas, you will find a gift from your beloved in the hat.No matter where you go, you will see all kinds of red hats.