Break through the export barriers of wood products

- Mar 11, 2019-

    Establish export early warning mechanism.At present, Chinese enterprises are not familiar with relevant foreign technical specifications, standards and conformity assessment procedures. Most of them produce products according to orders, and customers provide product quality standards and requirements. This is passive for the development and export of enterprises, and will affect the stable development of enterprises in the long run.Suggested that the state and the provinces and cities to establish an early warning system for the wood products import and export trade, in a timely manner to collect and update the foreign pests are toxic for the wood furniture and wood products, the relevant provisions of the standard and test method of such information, establish efficient and smooth traffic information release and consulting, retrieval system, provide enterprises with the relevant technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures and other information.And the technical barriers to trade encountered in the export of wood products to the relevant industries and enterprises in a timely manner, put forward solutions, rapid response, to avoid losses.

    Second, we will improve technical standards.China's wood products technical standard construction started late, low starting point, slow development, many products have not yet national standards, only industry standards.How to make Chinese standard match with international standard or developed country standard as soon as possible is an important means to promote the export of wood products.When drawing up the standards, we should fully absorb the international advanced technical standards, accelerate the adoption of international standards, and make sure that the standardization work is in line with international practices.We should formulate and improve standards for different kinds of wood products, fully absorb the reasonable connotation of relevant standards of developed countries and regions, and add the indicators considered by most countries in the standards of major exporting countries and regions of wood products into the existing standards.

    Third, we will raise the level of science and technology in the industry.In order to produce high-quality wood products that meet the needs of the international market, it is necessary to improve the scientific and technological level of enterprises, adopt internationally advanced large and medium-sized equipment, timely adjust the product structure and actively carry out independent innovation.A network of scientific and technological cooperation among enterprises, research institutes and institutions of higher learning should be established, long-term research and development plans for wood products should be formulated, priority areas for development should be identified, and repeated research should be avoided.Wood products enterprises can also through foreign cooperation, improve product grade, strive for a well-known brand, from the quantity-oriented to varieties, exports, efficiency of the transition.At the same time, as what global limits forest protects strength to strengthen ceaselessly, lumber price rises is inevitable trend, the development circumstance that suggests woodwork production company to produce an enterprise according to oneself, adjust production direction, if wooden floor production company should produce aggrandizement more compound floor, real wood is compound floor, produce real wood floor less.

    Fourth, attach importance to the development of green and environmental protection products.In addition to appearance requirements, the biggest restriction of importing countries on Chinese wood products is the high environmental protection requirements.In order to make the export of wood products meet the international market standards and realize the sustained and stable growth of export trade, enterprises must take countermeasures to develop and use environmental protection products.If the uric aldehyde adhesive that USES commonly at present, it is a when formaldehyde releases a quantity to exceed bid main reason.Only from the glue, the development of new glue, reduce the formaldehyde content in wood products, in line with international standards, in order to promote export growth.For the control of heavy metal content in wood products, should widely promote the use of modern coating manufacturing process, through the computer color matching, the use of heavy metal into separators less general toner toning, in order to reach the international standards and regulations of most countries.For arsenic, if the product contains arsenic products other than CCA, the wood anti-corrosion treatment process should be further improved to seek new anti-corrosion alternatives.At the same time, attention should be paid to solving the environmental problems in the whole life cycle of wood products production and processing, use and recycling