Brand and innovation are weaknesses for the development of Chinese gift companies

- May 19, 2019-

Brand and innovation are weaknesses for the development of Chinese gift companies

    Brand and innovation have always been the two weak points of Chinese gift companies' transformation to creativity. However, with the focus on the quality of life, more and more consumers begin to pay attention to the brand value and brand culture of gifts.

    On numerous gift exhibition, want to notice to be able to discover a strange phenomenon slightly only: no matter be the traditional product such as textile articles, leather goods, case bag, still be handicraft, small home appliance, toy to wait for contemporary product, although full of beautiful things in eyes, but it is to exhibit with manufacturer's name directly more by the enterprise however, rarely bright brand image.Gift enterprises are mostly brand agents or OEM production, brand concept of the gift company few and far between.

    Chinese consumers' purchasing power is rising, and their psychology is changing subtly.Porcelain library experts believe that the focus is still on gift companies to independent innovation, products into the Chinese culture.The essence of cultural creativity can be reflected in all aspects of gifts. For example, traditional gifts can be refreshed but not stereotypical, such as ceramics, tea sets and jades, etc., all make efforts in technological innovation to create environmentally friendly, healthy and durable products, so that more people can personally experience the charm of Chinese culture.

    The road to self-branding for gift companies is not easy.The gift industry should increase the investment in the training of designers to provide a space for the observation, communication and display of new product research and development.The brand upgrade of gift companies must also change the marketing idea, from the individual combat to system integration, the television advertising, print media, outdoor, network and other channels of unified planning, brand theme-oriented, marketing elements system into each communication link, the implementation of standardized brand management mode.