Arts and crafts program for sustainable Christmas

- May 10, 2019-

Arts and crafts program for sustainable Christmas

    Stress nowhere to release?Welcome to try these sustainable arts and crafts projects to bring all the Christmas magic back to your home!


    It could be the chill that seeps through the Windows, or it could be the lights that blanket the city 

streets overnight to let us know that Christmas is here, and that boxing day always has a magical aura that some people love and others hate.The Christmas holidays are often grueling and hectic.To relieve stress and reduce the "defensive response," some simple sustainable arts and crafts projects will save you the expense of buying expensive decorations and bring all the Christmas magic into your home!

    Decorate Christmas with dried orange slices


    A simple decoration can create a personal space filled with the aroma of purification and relaxation, you just need to prepare in advance, cut the oranges into two centimeters, let them dry in the radiator

 for a week, and then turn them over.You can also leave them in the oven at the lowest temperature for several hours.In the dried orange slice, insert a ribbon.If you have decorated the tree, you can still make garlands or ribbons from the peels of oranges, lemons and orange.

    Corked reindeer


    Christmas is a carnival festival, can be wanton indulgence, but also pay attention to grasp the scale.Of course, red wine and hard liquor must be enjoyed, but note that they are high in sugar and alcohol.Also, you can recycle wine bottle stoppers to make some fun reindeer!Whether it's on the dining table, on the desk, or in every corner of the house, these are the perfect decorations for Christmas!All you need is some cork, a few toothpicks and glue to make the reindeer, and then a nose made of tiny pom-pons or berries, with bows and bells to adorn them.PS: can use the bottle opener hole!