About Christmas customs

- Mar 01, 2019-

     Christmas is a time for foreigners to carnival. In fact, it's almost as busy as the Spring Festival in China. Foreigners always decorate their homes very beautifully when they celebrate Christmas. Christmas trees are a necessity. They are also covered with small ornaments. They also prepare beautiful Christmas dresses and some Christmas gifts for children. Many overseas Chinese or foreign students who live abroad also celebrate Christmas with the local people, but they find that the small Christmas decorations, Christmas hats or Christmas trees sold in foreign markets are almost made in China, with the label "made in China". Not only that, almost all of these Christmas commodities abroad come from the same city, that is, Yiwu, China.

    When it comes to Yiwu, you will surely think of small commodities. Many cities in China have an obligation to have small commodity cities. Many people like to choose the necessities they want to buy in Yiwu small commodity cities. You can always buy many interesting and useful things when you visit Yiwu Commodity City every day. In fact, Yiwu small commodities are not only welcomed in China, but also in the foreign markets of Shanghai. They are also loved by foreign friends. Cheap and easy-to-use commodities are popular everywhere. In 2018, Yiwu provided more than 80% of the global Christmas market with a total of about 1.61 billion yuan.

    Although Christmas is a foreign festival,  in recent years , Chinese people also like Christmas very much, some people say that it is worshiping foreign countries, but like Yiwu, the use of foreign festivals to make a fortune, is not a worship of foreign countries. As a matter of fact, Christmas and Halloween in foreign countries are gradually becoming the prosperity days of our small and medium-sized manufacturers in China. Now the commodities produced in Yiwu have been welcomed by consumers at home and abroad, especially in the United States and some countries in South America, where consumers are very fond of Yiwu commodities. The Christmas trees and hats purchased during the Christmas period are all produced in Yiwu, China. The reason why Yiwu's small commodities are so popular is actually affected by the "one belt and one way", so that we can harvest so many fans abroad.