A Christmas masterstroke for international brands in the Chinese market

- Mar 13, 2019-


(一)Create scenes with thematic activities

In the highly market-oriented "eyeballs era", major brands are creating store display effects with magnificent vision and colors, using distinct theme business model, and planning various theme activities to attract consumers and enhance attention and competitiveness.The theme of the activity is a high generalization of the content of the activity, through which the purpose, idea and goal of the activity can be expressed to create an attractive and infectious plot and artistic conception, so as to leave a deep impression on the participants.Therefore, scene design and theme activities are more and more attention by businesses.On November 21, 2017, Tiffany & Co., Tiffany's Christmas lighting ceremony left her hometown in New York for the first time and came to Tiffany's Hong Kong square store on zhanhai road, Shanghai, China. The brand Christmas tradition of 180 years was inherited and first landed in China.


(二)The product customization is novel and unique, which triggers social sharing

    Christmas festival product customization marketing is not uncommon, but also the industry is very happy to use a way.As the British toy retail association's Gary."The toys that sell miracles every Christmas are the latest designs with a unique style," says grant.Especially in the current social media environment, exquisite product design can not only stimulate consumption, but also cause consumers to share with each other and trigger secondary communication.For example, the Christmas flower packaging design of Coca-Cola in 2016 maxed out the circle of friends one month in advance.Simple and clever Settings, the ordinary packaging belt into a flower, consumers gently pull, will become a drink "gift", for the holiday miso added a few minutes of relaxed and do not break the unique feelings of friendship.

    Since 1997, starbucks has been introducing holiday cups to represent the changes of li festival, and the red paper cups that must be made every Christmas have been held in the palm of people's hands for 20 years.The red paper cup is like a flowing advertisement, which arouses people's recognition of the warm atmosphere of the festival.The 2017 red Christmas cup continues the design style of the Christmas cup, and consumers can find a heart at their fingertips. According to the official publicity of starbucks, "it takes you through those beautiful Christmas moments, finds the love from the heart, and awakens our hearts, the most cherished people and moments.With emotional care as the main theme, it touches the softest part of people's heart, thus making consumers have a strong psychological identification with starbucks and share their feelings on values and topics through social media, so as to influence and inspire more people.

    Not only that, starbucks also played a low chain.Had to fashion brand Anna Sui (Anna Sui) and vacuum cup manufacturers' S well, big 阝 hit stores in China for the first time introduced two exclusive custom vacuum cup.In 2017, starbucks cooperated with swarovski to launch a starbucks Christmas customized version with swarovski crystal elements.It is no wonder that some people say that what they drink in starbucks is not coffee, but the "ritual sense" of taking photos and sending them to moments.After triggering people's social sharing, it will inspire more people to participate and subtly enable consumers to start word-of-mouth marketing on social media.

(三)KOL leads the social media broadcast, boosting Christmas marketing    Live broadcasting is a very popular way of social communication at present. Since the first year of "network live broadcasting" in 2016, network live broadcasting has spanned time, space, region, depth and height Detonate and easy to cause the user's emotional resonance and other characteristics, loved by people.Live-streaming 1 refers to the process of producing and broadcasting programs simultaneously along with the occurrence and development of events. The activity -- grinding -- is carried on the live-streaming platform to help enterprises increase sales or increase brand awareness.Brand owners have begun to realize the great value of live broadcasting, which is a new place to make fun of. When Christmas festival meets the emerging live broadcasting media, brand owners have made a new attempt.     In 2016, l 'occitane of France chose Tmall live broadcasting platform, among which "xue zhiqian's Christmas gift" had more than 5.41 million live broadcasting points.Live marketing is inseparable from the brand's early publicity and direct description with interaction.Before the live broadcast, ou shudan invited fashion KOL such as xiaoshu happiness and iLady youjia pictorial to make a live broadcast preview on weibo, and launched thumb up, comment on giving red envelope rain and other interactive activities with prizes during the live broadcast period, which greatly increased the amount of interaction.In addition, o 'shudan also launched 12 juhuasuan products for this live broadcast, so that the power of the Christmas broadcast really fell on the sales.  (四)Advertising · accurate insight into ingenious ideasAdvertising is the transmission of a concept, its role is to achieve economic value for advertisers.Enterprises use the attribute of advertising to arouse people's attention to some regular social hot spots, so as to resonate with them and improve their visibility and influence.Advertising design and social culture are integrated with each other. Advertising through social hot spots can improve the image and popularity of enterprises, which has become a winning weapon pursued and imitated by many enterprises.Unlike other borrowing events -- events -- festivals have fixed dates, which means that they are more predictable.The brand may have enough time to carry on the advertisement marketing aspect creativity and the deployment。