2019 Christmas products Trends two

- May 01, 2019-

(5)HYGGE Christmas

Scandi Christmas

We can learn a lot from the scandinavians and their typical way of life.Christmas is a time of comfort and family.



(6)Christmas feelings

The attention to detail, sweet berry color and purple tonal thing, build an additional romantic Christmas atmosphere, the magical creature such as small person, demon and angel added a bit magic to live in a space.


(7)Robin Wood--Natural Christmas

The robin forest trend brings all the treasures of the forest together and is the perfect choice for anyone who loves natural Christmas decorations.The theme includes lifelike animals, mushrooms and 

pine cones, as well as elements of squirrels and mosses.



(8)Holy Chic

Christmas is celebrated in massive golden, glamorous colors, and a striking combination of pink and orange makes the freeloading of Christmas decorations quite awe-inspiring.