2019 Christmas decorations

- Nov 05, 2019-

2019 Christmas decorations

    Running elk. Pumpkin car. Santa Claus. Christmas tree is the representative of Christmas, but also the most common mall decoration ornaments. Modern market already began to blend all sorts of fairy tale element into Christmas adornment in, make Christmas no longer drab more vivid. Of course, if you carefully observe the main shopping mall will be different, youde mall is the embodiment of the outdoor Christmas tree, youde is the indoor landscape.

    Christmas decoration trilogy:

    Decorative elements: with the theme of fun skiing design

    Decoration position: square, door lintel, exterior wall of shopping mall, doorway, vp point, atrium, pop poster design, interior landscape display, window display.

    Winter friends are fond of skiing, even look at the scene of skiing feel happy boiling. Outdoor for everyone to prepare a Christmas skiing landscape scene, will be able to strike a chord with customers.

    Indoor also match all sorts of adornment with white, prepare a special and do not break cheerful Christmas atmosphere for everybody.